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International Tickets

Buy through the club – and the club benefits

Did you know that Dalziel Rugby Club can earn up to 25% commission on match tickets if members purchase through either our Ticket Secretary, Al McGlashan or individually online? Club Commission is available for all home Scotland matches across the 2019/20 season so take advantage and earn some money for our club!

Buy from your ticket secretary

Get in touch with our Ticket Secretary to find out about how to order Scotland match tickets through your club. 

Buy online

Prefer to buy tickets yourself? Simply click on the link (taking you to the Scottish Rugby online ticket centre for Dalziel Rugby Club) and make your purchase in the normal way. The club will still be credited with commission – simple!

How Does It Work? 

Every Club in Scotland has been provided with its own unique URL (i.e. to gain access to the Scottish Rugby On-Line Ticket Centre. As soon as you enter the site using this link the system will automatically match your purchase against Dalziel Rugby Club and immediately allocate the appropriate commission to us. 

When ordering tickets, it is of paramount importance that you use this link!! 

Download the current season form or send an email to Al McGlashan.