The Club

100 Club

Join our 100 Club and you could be a winner.

To join our 100 Club and be in with a chance of winning a monthly prize please email for Standing Order mandate details.

The 100 Club has a wide ranging mandate to help move Dalziel Rugby Club forward in all aspects of its Playing (senior, youth and mini) and Development requirements. The 100 Club has no strict rules for how money is spent and all requests for assistance will be considered.

The operation of the 100 Club is very simple. Members join by completing a standing order for only £10/month which then entitles them to be entered into the Monthly draw and the chance to WIN a share of the prize pot. 

The prize pot will be 50% of the 100 Club membership fee taken that month. The remaining 50% goes to the Club fund.

From the prize fund.....
1st Prize     60%
2nd Prize    30%
3rd Prize     10%

e.g. If 100 people are in the 100 Club, the total fund is £1000. £500 goes to Club funds leaving a £500 prize fund.

1st Prize would be £300
2nd Prize would be £150
3rd Prize would be £50

The more people who join, the bigger the prize pot. Winners will be announced online each month and prizes will be paid by bank transfer.