Image Upload Policy


By uploading an image you guarantee that you have read these Terms and Conditions for uploading images, photos and videos (image/s) to the Dalziel Rugby Club website and that you agree to abide by all clauses within these Terms and Conditions. You also understand and agree that nothing in this agreement obligates the club to to display or use your images.

Copyright and Ownership

By uploading an image you guarantee that you are the legal owner of the copyright of that image, or have been awarded full and unrestricted rights from the copyright owner to upload and utilise the image. Images that are considered to infringe the copyright or trademarks of other individuals, organisations or companies will be deleted.

By uploading an image you guarantee that any people which are clearly identifiable have consented to have their likeness printed or displayed, or that you have full rights to use the image in this manner and accept full responsibility for such use.

Accepting and Rejecting Images

All image uploaded to the Dalziel Rugby Club website will be assessed by the appropriate editor for suitability. We reserve the right to reject and remove any uploaded image from display on its website, for any reason, at any time, without prior notice.


When uploading an image you are solely responsible for its content and for any offence, claims or damages that arise from the content of that image. The approval and publication of image on the site in no way alters or diminishes your responsibility, nor does it transfer any responsibility for the content of the image to Dalziel Rugby club (or anyone who approves it)


You should only upload Images that are relevant and appropriate for the website. You must not upload photographs that contain objectionable content, including but not limited to nudity, violence, and other offensive, illegal or inappropriate images. The content of some images - particularly nudity - may warrant a review of your club membership both on and offline.