EVENT | Time to Talk Day 2020

EVENT | Time to Talk Day 2020

Time to Talk day aims to get people all around the country talking about mental health.

During our evening training session we will run a Touch Rugby competition with mixed age group teams from P5 up to senior level. Each team will have a leader who will help start an age appropriate conversation about mental health. Everyone has it! We need to know how to look after it, where to seek help if needed and how to offer help to our friends and team mates when required.

Time to Talk Day is the only time of year where all four of the UKs anti-stigma programmes get together to challenge discrimination by getting people everywhere to have conversations.
Time to Talk day happens on the first Thursday every February but we see this as a kick start on our journey to help support each other all year round.

The more we talk about it, the better life is for all of us.