CLUB | Five of our members made the ultimate sacrifice during World War 2. Club Vice President, Cammy Harris is a keen historian and has gathered information about each member.

JOHN WHITE D.F.M. - Flight Sergeant R.A.F.
As a weekend pilot John White was called up at the beginning of the war. He fought heroically in the Battle of Britain gaining the award of the Distinguished Flying Medal. His gallant career ended when his plane stalled and crashed when attempting to land in the western Desert on June 14 1941. Member of Dalziel Rugby Club

NORMAN WALKER - Sergeant Pilot R.A.F.
Norrie Walker was captain of rugby at Dalziel and speed and courage were the qualities which one associated with him. He became a fighter pilot and saw action in the Battle of Britain and later had the distinction of shooting down the first Italian aircraft to fall on British soil. He was lost in air combat in defence of Malta on 12th June 1941.
Member of Dalziel Rugby Club

A. KERR SMITH - Bombardier - Straits Settlement Volunteer Force.
On leaving school where he had achieve a reputation as an outstanding cricketer A. Kerr Smith joined the Commercial Bank of Scotland but later moved to a position with the Singapore Cold Storage Company, eventually becoming manager of its Penang branch. When the Japanese invaded Malaya he joined the Straits Settlement Volunteer Force and fourth in the defence of Singapore. He was taken prisoner by the Japanese and died in captivity in 1943. Member of Dalziel Rugby Club

ROBERT NEILSON - Sergeant Pilot R.A.F.
Roy Neilson was a gifted scholar and sportsman during his time at Dalziel. After graduating B.Sc. at Glasgow he volunteered for service in the R.A.F. and trained in Alabama U.S.A. He gained his wings and became a training instructor at Perth. He died in an aerial collision on 23rd December 1942. Member of Dalziel Rugby Club

ANDREW FLOCKHART - Sub Lieutenant Fleet Air Arm.
Andrew served on various aircraft carriers throughout the Seven Seas, from the Indian Ocean to the Western Atlantic and from Russia to Madagascar. He was killed in an accident off Race Point in America on 15th October 1943. Member of Dalziel Rugby Club

We will remember them.

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