100 Club

100 Club

100 CLUB | Draws were made at the Committee meeting last night. The draws are now up to date and in future will be made and announced every month.

1st R Gilchrist, 2nd D Scott, 3rd F McKenzie

1st C Barclay, 2nd A Ferguson, 3rd M McLaren

1st A Ferguson, 2nd D Morton, 3rd K MacDonald

1st P Morton, 2nd I Johnstone, 3rd M McLaren

The 100 Club is simple. Pay £10 per month by standing order. Each month 50% goes to the club and 50% goes in the prize fund.
From the prize fund.....
1st Prize 60%
2nd Prize 30%
3rd Prize 10%

For Example, if 100 people are in the 100 Club, the total fund is £1000. £500 goes to Club funds leaving a £500 prize fund. 

1st Prize would be £300 
2nd Prize would be £150 
3rd Prize would be £50 

The more people who join, the bigger the prize pot. 

To join please email 100club@dalzielrugby.com for standing order mandate details.