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Dalziel 2nd XV:0
Aberdeen Grammar:40
League game @ Dalziel Park, 5/11/11 - Match photos

The Good , The Bad and The Ugly

Aberdeen kicked off and started strongly pinning Dalziel back in 22 . With 5 minutes gone they got a lineout 5 metres out. A catch and drive brought a score in corner which was converted. 0-7 This was a hard day for forwards and lineout catch and drive a particular problem.

Dalziel then played better rugby that they have done in a few weeks. The backs especially started to look confident and playing as a team but were unable to break down the Aberdeen defence to maintain pressure on them. We were unable to maintain pressure close in High scoring Aberdeen came to Dalziel and kept up that record with a 40 point win

Aberdeen kicked off and started strongly pinning Dalziel back in our 22. With 5 mins gone Aberdeen and basics cost us dear in possession area of play.

Aberdeen scored again 0-14 through a well worked backs move that split the Dalziel defence. Dalziel came back and good tackling by forwards in defence and making inroads going forward. We pinned Aberdeen back in their 22 for about 10 minutes but unable again to score. Aberdeen were strong in defence but basics mistakes cost Dalziel more.

Aberdeen gained ground and had Dalziel on the ropes for a 10 minute period. Good defence kept them at bay until another lineout catch and drive 5 metres out resulted in a score. 0- 19

Towards end of half the referee spoke to both Captains about repeated infringements at ruck, next ruck Dalziel infringed and Alan Lynch was Yellow Carded. H/T 0-19

Dalziel went on attack and had Aberdeen in their half but managed to gain ground and get into our 22. A Dalziel infringement gave Aberdeen a penalty and they took it quick. The Dalziel players had turned their backs and Aberdeen passed ball along backs to score in corner. 0-26

Dalziel went on attack and some good attacking by Anton Mitchell, Paul White, Alan Lynch kept Aberdeen on back foot. We were in our 22 and a stramash between Anton and his opposite number lead to referee speaking to them. Two minutes later with Dalziel on attack Anton Mitchell put in a late challenge and a big fight ensued. The result of which was 2 red cards for Dalziel and 1 for Aberdeen. With Dalziel down to 13 men the game was effectively over with 20 minutes to go.

Aberdeen managed another couple of scores and only some resolute defence kept the score down. So game ended 0-40, looking like a thumping and should have been closer with Dalziel making most of best bits of play we have had in a month rather than losing the plot.

The following players didn’t pay their match fees at weekend. D.McMillan (2 weeks) A.Lynch, S.Clowes, F.McKenzie, P.McCartin, S.Murphy, D.Hay, A.Mitchell. so please bring along to training and a 50 pence fine Also A.Lynch, S.Murphy, S.Clowes, D.Fitzpatrick left their team shirts inside out and that also incurs a 50 pence fine.

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Stephen Clowes, Niall McKenzie, Grant Ferguson, David Fitzpatrick, John Phillips, Peter McCartin, Stuart McLelland, Fraser McKenzie, Andy McLaren, Scott Johnstone, Alan Moore, Derek McMillan, Alan Lynch, Paul White, Lee McWhinnie
Subs: Scott Murphy, Darren Hay, Duncan Morton Jnr, Antony Mitchell, Darren Moon

Yellow Cards: Alan Lynch
Red Cards: David Fitzpatrick, Antony Mitchell

Man of the Match: Paul White

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