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Dalziel/EK U18 - alive and kicking
Posted 5/10/18 @ 12:02 by Euan D (Posts: 74)

Many of you may have heard rumours of Dalziel/EK's U18 imminent demise.
There has been a bump in the road - brought on by factors out with our control. These are, namely, some of our former EK teammates moving club, a situation that, evidently, has not been aided by a decree that means we cannot pick up league points because of our integrated status.
Our team is underpinned, however, by the love of the game and despite the challenging environment, I'm delighted to confirm that the U18s live on to fight another day.
Following a very positive meeting last night, our colleagues from East Kilbride provided a clear undertaking that they can, going forward, provide enough players to complement our existing Dalziel contingent.
Before these challenges, we had the makings of a fantastic squad with some brilliant, fire-in-the-belly performances, as many of you witnessed.
Lynchy, Simon and myself are now confident we can pick up where we left off with our focus on a looming cup campaign – where a win is a win.
Whilst we have a strong and highly talented hard core of Dalziel-reared players, we would urge you – if you are eligible for U18 – to come back. I offer a cast iron guarantee that the rugby bug will bite again and you will thrive in our integrated set up with our EK team mates.
To all parents, players, members and supporters of Dalziel - I would urge you to get behind our lads and this crucially important part of our grassroots club.
If you know of anyone who’s played rugby and thinking about coming back into the U18 fold – tell them to get in touch. If you know someone toying with the idea of starting rugby in a vibrant, competitive and friendly environment we’d warmly welcome them. This goes for all age levels.
This is the future of the great club where rugby is a way of life – about community, friendship and toughing it out – together – when the challenges come.
We all have a part to play in getting the show back on the road.
Lynch, Simon and I thank you in advance for your valued support.
U18 Team Manager

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