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Autumn International Ticket Application
Posted 14/6/18 @ 20:20 by Al McG (Posts: 27)

I have received the application form for ordering tickets for the Autumn series from the SRU. The SRU are changing the method of ordering tickets significantly this year.

Basically, you are required to complete the form on the downloads webpage and return it to me. However you also need to register with the SRU so that they can send your (e-) tickets directly to you. Please have a look at the form and send me any questions you may have so that I can raise them at a meeting I am attending on July 12th.

The deadlines for applying for tickets are Sunday 12th August, confirmation back from the SRU Friday 31st August and payment due by 28th September.

I have no details of the groups and schools offer but I understand the ordering process will be the same as before. Details of the 6 Nations tickets have not been announced yet.

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