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Dalziel 1st XV:0
Ardrossan Academicals:13
League game @ Memorial Field, 5/1/13 - Match Video

Dalziel travelled to the Ayrshire coast to first foot Ardrossan Academicals in RBS Championship A.

Dalziel started the stronger team, but some ferocious defending from the Ardrossan midfield was not allowing anything through. A kick through by Ardrossan was fielded by Lee McWhinnie and the winger set off on a mazy run pulling two defenders out of position. Craig Simmonds picked the ball up from the ruck and popped it to Andy McLaren who took the ball up to the Ardrossan 22 metre line. However, a stray boot in the ruck saw the ball escape and was pounced upon by an Ardrossan player, ending Dalziel’s attack.

Dalziel then gave away a free kick at a lineout which saw Ardrossan mount 5 minutes of sustained attack on the Dalziel line, but Dalziel held firm and were able to relieve the pressure when an Ardrossan player was yellow carded for throwing a punch and Dalziel were awarded a penalty.

After 20 minutes, Ardrossan had a line out on the Dalziel 22, their prop took the ball and barged his way through two tacklers before being brought down by Kris Watters. However, support was close at hand, and Ardrossan went over for an easy try to lead 7-0.

As the half wore on, it became a somewhat disjointed affair, with multiple knock ons by both teams. Ardrossan forced a penalty, which was coverted to extend their lead to 10-0. To compound matters, David Fitzpatrick was yellow carded for killing the ball.

Ardrossan had the upper hand at the start of the second half, and following a break, looked odds on to score a second try. A great covering tackle by McWhinnie gave Dalziel time to reset their defence.

As Fitzpatrick returned to the field, Derek McMillan gave away a penalty to the right of the posts, earning himself 10 minutes off the pitch. Ardrossan went for the kick and went 13-0 up after 45 minutes. A few minutes later, Simmonds was also yellow carded for a late hit. As Simmonds left the pitch, the referee inexplicably upgraded the card to red, ensuring that Dalziel would be shorthanded for the rest of the match.

Playing with only 13 men, and the same number of points down, Dalziel began to spread the ball wide and try and push upfield. Outside backs Scott Johnstone and Ross Westwood combining well to take Dalziel into the Ardrossan half. Unfortunately, Dalziel were paying for the man deficit in the scrum and were being pushed off most of their own ball by the full strength Ardrossan pack.

Dalziel continued to press and eventually parity in the scrum was restored when an Ardrossan player was red carded for an off the ball incident. Much of the final ten minutes were spent with Dalziel pushing for a try, but even with some nifty footwork from George Sloan, Dalziel could not find a way through the stern Ardrossan defence.

The result leaves Dalziel rooted to the bottom of Championship A, but are 2 points behind Dunfermline with a game in hand.

Subs Not Used - S.Rowe , D.Hay , S.Khan

David Irvine, Grant Stewart, George Sloan, David Fitzpatrick, Eddy Ferguson, Kris Watters, Crawford Reid, Craig Simmonds, Andy McLaren, Craig Lewis, Scott Johnstone, Derek McMillan, Ross Westwood, Lee McWhinnie, Gary Colquhon
Subs: Fraser McKenzie

Yellow Cards: David Fitzpatrick, Derek McMillan
Red Cards: Craig Simmonds

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