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Dalziel Rugby Club

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Good luck all dalziel teams.
Last post by: gillon13 @ Sat Sep 06, 2014 1:09 am

Club Archive
Last post by: bigmancammy @ Sat Aug 23, 2014 4:50 pm

EVENT: 46th Austin Memorial Dinner
Last post by: LesB @ Thu Aug 14, 2014 10:43 pm

Dalziel S1/S2 End of Season
Last post by: djwaddell @ Sat Jun 14, 2014 5:23 pm

DL/ST S1/S2 v Uddingston - Sunday,15th June 2014
Last post by: djwaddell @ Mon Jun 09, 2014 12:08 pm

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Fixture List - Cartha Queens Park

4/11/50 15:002nd XVDalziel ParkFriendly L0-3
5/1/74 14:003rd XVDumbreck RoadFriendly L6-16match stats
8/11/75 14:004th XVDumbreck RoadFriendly W11-4
29/11/75 14:004th XVDumbreck RoadFriendly L0-35
30/10/76 15:002nd XVDumbreck RoadLeague W30-0match stats
6/11/76 14:005th XVDalziel ParkFriendly W14-7match report
13/11/76 14:003rd XVDalziel ParkFriendly W6-4match stats
8/1/77 14:004th XVDalziel ParkFriendly W14-4match report
29/10/77 15:002nd XVDumbreck RoadLeague L0-14match report
11/11/78 14:002nd XVDalziel ParkLeague W25-0match report
11/11/78 14:003rd XVDalziel ParkFriendly W23-0match stats
19/4/80 13:00SevensDumbreck RoadSevens -match report
23/9/80 18:301st XVDalziel ParkFriendly W8-0match stats
8/11/80 14:003rd XVDalziel ParkFriendly L10-12match stats
8/11/80 15:00Under 18sDumbreck RoadLeague L0-18
15/11/80 14:002nd XVDalziel ParkLeague W13-0match stats
28/3/81 15:004th XVDumbreck RoadFriendly L9-12match stats
25/4/81 13:00XVDumbreck RoadFestival -match report
3/10/81 14:00Under 18sDalziel ParkLeague W12-6match report
14/11/81 14:003rd XVDumbreck RoadFriendly L10-19match stats
27/3/82 15:004th XVDalziel ParkFriendly -
2/10/82 15:00Under 18sDumbreck RoadLeague W44-0match report
23/10/82 15:002nd XVDalziel ParkLeague W34-6
5/2/83 14:001st XVDalziel ParkFriendly W9-3match statsmatch photos
19/3/83 15:004th XVDumbreck RoadFriendly W27-8match photos
23/4/83 13:00XVDumbreck RoadFestival -match reportmatch photos
10/9/83 15:001st XVDumbreck RoadFriendly W22-13match reportmatch photos
5/11/83 14:002nd XVDumbreck RoadLeague W21-9
25/2/84 14:00Under 21sDalziel ParkLeague -
10/3/84 15:004th XVDalziel ParkFriendly -
7/4/84 15:002nd XVDumbreck RoadFriendly L19-23match statsmatch photos
28/4/84 13:00XVDumbreck RoadFestival -match reportmatch photos
8/9/84 15:001st XVDumbreck RoadFriendly W17-6match reportmatch photos
10/11/84 14:003rd XVDumbreck RoadFriendly L3-7match statsmatch photos
9/3/85 15:00Under 21sDumbreck RoadLeague W18-12
14/9/85 15:001st XVDalziel ParkFriendly W12-3match statsmatch photos
24/9/85 18:302nd XVDumbreck RoadFriendly -
5/10/85 15:00Under 21sDalziel ParkLeague D3-3match reportmatch photos
9/11/85 14:003rd XVDumbreck RoadFriendly L6-34match statsmatch photos
8/3/86 15:002nd XVDumbreck RoadLeague W16-12match statsmatch photos
22/3/86 15:004th XVDalziel ParkFriendly W13-0match statsmatch photos
26/4/86 14:00XVDumbreck RoadFestival -match reportmatch photos
13/9/86 15:001st XVDumbreck RoadFriendly W36-18
4/10/86 15:002nd XVDalziel ParkLeague W28-0match reportmatch photos
7/2/87 15:00Under 18sDumbreck RoadLeague L0-28
14/3/87 15:004th XVDalziel ParkFriendly W27-20match reportmatch photos
25/4/87 13:00XVDumbreck RoadLeague -match report
26/4/87 13:30SevensDumbreck RoadSevens -match report
19/9/87 15:002nd XVDumbreck RoadFriendly -match report
5/12/87 14:002nd XVDumbreck RoadFriendly L16-21match statsmatch photos
23/1/88 13:301st XVDalziel ParkLeague W22-4
12/11/88 14:003rd XVDalziel ParkLeague W12-0match report
12/11/88 14:004th XVDalziel ParkFriendly L12-15match stats
19/11/88 11:001st XVDumbreck RoadFriendly L12-15match report
26/11/88 14:00Under 18sDumbreck RoadLeague W34-4match report
3/12/88 14:002nd XVDalziel ParkFriendly W23-9match stats
24/12/88 14:004th XVDalziel ParkFriendly L6-12match stats
24/12/88 15:003rd XVDalziel ParkLeague W18-13match report
26/3/89 16:00Under 18sDumbreck RoadLeague W34-4
15/4/89 14:00SevensDumbreck RoadSevens -match report
22/4/89 14:00XVDumbreck RoadFestival -match report
30/9/89 16:004th XVDalziel ParkFriendly D19-19match stats
30/12/89 15:002nd XVDumbreck RoadFriendly -
7/4/90 16:002nd XVDalziel ParkFriendly W52-0match stats
9/11/91 15:003rd XVDumbreck RoadFriendly -
24/11/91 15:00Under 16sDumbreck RoadFriendly W34-0
24/11/91 15:00S1Dumbreck RoadFriendly L10-42
24/11/91 15:00S2Dumbreck RoadFriendly L4-10
7/12/91 14:001st XVDalziel ParkLeague D3-3match stats
3/10/92 15:001st XVClelandLeague W6-0match stats
31/10/92 14:003rd XVDalziel ParkFriendly W8-0match stats
21/11/92 15:00Under 18sDalziel ParkFriendly W26-0match stats
28/11/92 15:002nd XVDumbreck RoadFriendly W10-0match stats
30/1/93 15:002nd XVDalziel ParkFriendly L9-17match stats
8/5/93 13:30SevensDumbreck RoadSevens -match report
19/9/93 16:00S1Dumbreck RoadFriendly W7-3
19/9/93 16:00Under 15sDalziel ParkFriendly W90-0
25/9/93 15:001st XVDumbreck RoadLeague W26-15match stats
30/10/93 15:003rd XVDumbreck RoadFriendly L6-11match stats
12/3/94 15:003rd XVDumbreck RoadFriendly L3-38match stats
16/4/94 13:00SevensDumbreck RoadSevens -match report
29/10/94 15:003rd XVDalziel ParkFriendly W27-17match stats
12/11/94 14:002nd XVDumbreck RoadLeague L5-19match stats
28/1/95 15:00Under 18sDumbreck RoadLeague W27-14match stats
9/9/95 16:002nd XVDumbreck RoadFriendly L8-32match stats
16/9/95 16:003rd XVDumbreck RoadFriendly L17-19match stats
9/3/96 15:003rd XVDumbreck RoadFriendly W31-28match stats
20/4/96 14:00SevensDumbreck RoadSevens -match report
14/9/96 16:002nd XVDumbreck RoadFriendly L17-56match stats
2/11/96 15:002nd XVDumbreck RoadFriendly L12-40match stats
22/2/97 15:003rd XVDalziel ParkFriendly L24-32
19/4/97 16:15SevensDumbreck RoadSevens -match report
20/9/97 16:003rd XVDumbreck RoadFriendly W44-0match report
7/3/98 15:003rd XVDalziel ParkFriendly W12-3match report
14/3/98 15:003rd XVDalziel ParkFriendly W50-10match stats
18/4/98 14:00SevensDumbreck RoadSevens -match report
28/8/98 16:002nd XVDumbreck RoadFriendly L13-22
19/9/98 16:003rd XVDalziel ParkFriendly A0-A0
26/9/98 16:002nd XVDumbreck RoadLeague L7-22match stats
7/11/98 15:002nd XVDumbreck RoadLeague L8-13match stats
30/1/99 10:00MiniDalziel ParkFestival -match report
27/3/99 15:002nd XVDumbreck RoadLeague -
15/4/99 16:002nd XVDalziel ParkFriendly W24-10
8/5/99 14:00SevensDumbreck RoadSevens -match report
11/9/99 16:002nd XVDalziel ParkFriendly L10-19match report
22/1/00 14:001st XVDumbreck RoadLeague W20-3match report
4/2/00 15:001st XVDumbreck RoadLeague W25-13match report
2/9/00 15:001st XVDalziel ParkLeague W28-17match report
2/9/00 16:00Under 18sDalziel ParkLeague -
7/10/00 15:003rd XVDumbreck RoadFriendly -match report
26/11/00 14:001st XVDumbreck RoadLeague W15-10match stats
12/9/01 19:001st XVDalziel ParkLeague W23-5match report
24/3/02 15:001st XVDumbreck RoadLeague L22-23match report
21/2/04 14:002nd XVDumbreck RoadFriendly W27-17match stats
1/10/05 15:003rd XVDumbreck RoadFriendly L0-19
25/8/07 15:001st XVDalziel ParkFriendly W19-14match stats
6/10/07 15:003rd XVDumbreck RoadLeague L17-28match stats
28/10/07 15:00Under 16sDumbreck RoadLeague W19-12
10/11/07 15:00Under 18sDalziel ParkLeague W35-0
12/4/08 15:003rd XVDumbreck RoadFriendly W21-6match report
19/8/08 15:001st XVDumbreck RoadFriendly W85-7
13/9/08 15:003rd XVDalziel ParkLeague W35-0
22/8/09 15:003rd XVDumbreck RoadFriendly L19-36match stats
6/2/10 15:003rd XVBellshill AcademyLeague W24-0match stats
11/3/10 15:002nd XVDumbreck RoadLeague L8-15match reportmatch photos
24/4/10 15:003rd XVDumbreck RoadFriendly W46-5match stats
18/9/10 15:003rd XVDumbreck RoadLeague L17-22match stats
30/10/10 15:001st XVDumbreck RoadLeague L20-29match reportmatch photosOpponent\Opponent\
30/10/10 15:002nd XVDalziel ParkLeague W55-21match statsmatch photos
5/3/11 15:001st XVDalziel ParkLeague L28-33match statsmatch videoOpponent\
5/3/11 15:002nd XVDumbreck RoadLeague W76-5match stats
19/3/11 15:004th XVDumbreck RoadLeague W47-27match stats
26/3/11 15:003rd XVDalziel ParkLeague W132-0match stats
17/9/11 16:001st XVDumbreck RoadLeague W31-26match reportmatch videoOpponent\
25/3/12 15:00Under 16sDalziel ParkShield W34-27match report
31/3/12 15:001st XVDalziel ParkLeague L19-20match statsOpponent\
19/5/12 11:00SevensDumbreck RoadSevens -match reportmatch photos
1/9/12 15:001st XVDalziel ParkLeague L9-12match reportmatch videoOpponent\
Sponsored by: Europa
2/12/12 14:00Under 16sDalziel ParkLeague -
29/12/12 14:001st XVScotstounCup - Pool L5-47match reportOpponent\
12/1/13 14:001st XVDalziel ParkCup - Pool L12-36match reportmatch videoOpponent\
8/2/13 19:301st XVDumbreck RoadLeague L11-45match reportmatch photos
18/5/13 10:00SevensDumbreck RoadSevens -match report
5/10/13 15:001st XVDumbreck RoadLeague L5-46match report
26/10/13 14:00Under 18sDalziel ParkLeague W38-33match reportmatch photos
27/10/13 14:00S1/S2Dumbreck RoadFriendly L10-15match reportmatch photos
18/1/14 14:003rd XVDumbreck RoadFriendly W19-0match stats
1/2/14 15:001st XVDalziel ParkLeague L6-38match report
26/4/14 10:30S2Dalziel ParkFestival W40-5match reportmatch photos
17/5/14 11:00SevensDumbreck RoadSevens -match report
16/8/14 14:30XVDalziel ParkFriendly L12-25match stats
8/11/14 14:00Under 18sDumbreck RoadLeague -
10/1/15 14:00Under 18sDalziel ParkLeague -
25 games postponed.

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