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Dalziel 2nd XV:12
West of Scotland:36
League game @ Burnbrae, 29/10/11

Another West Side Story

Dalziel were looking to get back to winning ways but a well drilled West side had another story.

Dalziel started with being offside at kick off. West went for the scrum , which Dalziel won against the head. We went on attack and West gave away a penalty , but our kick to touch went too far and the advantage was lost.

Dalziel then defended well with Paul White taking ball off opponent but Dalziel kept kicking possession away , most of which went straight to their hard running fullback to counter. Defence held out. With ten mins gone West picked up from scrum feed No 10, who dummied and strolled through a missing defence and passed to No 8 who went under posts for first score. 7-0 10 mins

Dalziel then followed what we had done in previous gams and fell to peices. Under pressure at scrums we failed to deal with West wheeling and a number of scrums went to them. From one of these scrums we gave away a penalty , West took it and a missed tackle forced an overlap and a score in corner. 12-0 15 mins.

Dalziel then gained a bit of composure and with forwards picking and going from rucks with good effect. Andy McLaren made a break upfield , and from recycled ball we kicked into their 5 metre line. We then lost lineout and gave away a penalty which they cleared to halfway.

This continued and we couldnt sustain any pressure with simple mistakes and infringments. Lineout was creaking and we gave away a free kick from not throwing ball in. Dalziel were putting ourselves under pressure but defence was good. From a lineout Scott Johnstone made a good break but pass to Decker was fraction too late. West then made a break and again we didnt tackle.

We then went on attack with some good interplay but the ball was kicked away again for them to easily counter as we didnt follow up. They then kicked to our 5 metre line and forced a scrum, which they pushed us over line for a score. 17-0 36mins

We then had them under pressure on their 5 metre line but they held on till halftime. H/T 17-0

Dalziel started better in 2nd half and defence was good and we attacked well. With Paul White making a counter attack with Lee McWhinnie deep into their half.

West came back quickly and had a period of pressure and from a series of rucks managed to suck in Dalziel defence and score. 24-0 63mins

West then went on attack but Dalziel defended well and forced a loose pass which Paul White picked up on halfway and a lungbursting run saw him score in corner. 24-7 66 mins

Dalziel then let their guard down and frail defence let West move the ball wide to winger ,but a breakdown in defence with 3 simple mistakes in positioning let winger have an easy run in. 29-7 68 mins

This rallied Dalziel again and we had West under pressure and they struggled to hold onto ball. Scott Johnstone kicked upfield and from 2 quick rucks Mecel picked up and drove over for a score. Scott johnstone converted. 29-12 73mins

In the last minutes of game West kicked through and a good chase had 3 attackers put Lee McWhinnie under pressure and a rash kick which went into middle of field , let West catch move ball wide to score in corner. 36-12 F/T

We played some good rugby but only in short spells. Grunter moving to prop and asserting himself well and DJ Morton providing back up at 9 were positives.

Darren Hay, Peter McCartin, Stephen Clowes, Stuart McLelland, Fraser McKenzie, Grant Ferguson, Euan Stewart, Dougie Picken, Andy McLaren, Scott Johnstone, Paul White, Alan Lynch, Derek McMillan, Alan Moore, Lee McWhinnie
Subs: Darren Moon, Duncan Morton Jnr

Tries: Stuart McLelland, Paul White
Conversions: Scott Johnstone

Man of the Match: Grant Ferguson

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