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Russell Cramond

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Dalziel 2nd XV:21
League game @ Dalziel Park, 8/9/12

2nd XV run out of steam

In Dalziel's 3rd league game a better performance than last 2 disappointing games with hopefully a win was expected.

This XV was a massively changed due to injuries and call offs throught the club , only 8 of last weeks squad of 19 were playing , 5 promoted to 1sts due to injuries in that XV & 6 unavailable made it a difficult task. Unfortunately or fortuneately for 2nds the 3rdXV game was cancelled , so 2nds had pick of their players.

So we had veterans Stuart Caulfield prop , who's career was cut short with a bad injury when he was an up and coming star at 19 ; Russell Crammond , scrum half and young centre pairing Matt Muir and Alan Lynch with Davie Jamieson filling the bench. Along with Ian Adams who has only recently returned from a long injury.

The game started in Dalziel's favour. Dunfermline kicked off and we secured & placed a kick into their 22 and good pressure from all XV pinning them back onto goal line as they tried to breakout. They set up a ruck and we turned it over for Stuart Caulfield to drive over after a series of rucks of our own. Davie Stewart converted. 7-0 (2 mins)

From a scrum we had an 8 man push and totally decemated them in this set peice. This gave team stability and composure , a thing that had been missing in last 2 games. From scrum stand off Davie Stewart kicked through to their goal line & with a good chase we caught the defender there but got penalised by ref in the first of a few dubious decisions.

Dunfermline then had a purple patch where they had Dalziel under pressure from good lineout takes and back play. From one sortie we managed to hold them up on our goal line & great defence moved them back to our 10 metre line but gave away a penalty at this time. They kicked it into our 22 but the lineout missfired and we cleared our lines to 10 metre line. We then forced them into touch there. Dalziel take lineout and drive upfield and set up a ruck. From the resulting scrum we had them on backfoot but ref penalises the dominate scrum and Dunfermline clear it to touch. From this lineout Dunfermline go through a few phases of posession and move ball wide only for centre to knock on and kick ball into our 22 , referee lets play continue and Chris Howieson is caught in posession. From ruck Davie Stewart attempts to clear but his kick is charged down and they follow through to score. 7 - 5 ( 25 mins)

This unsettles Dalziel and we make a few basic errors , lineout not straight , knock ons but weather this storm and respond positively shortly after. Dunfermline kick upfield and Chris Howieson takes the ball on the run and counters from deep , moves infield passes to Matt Muir who puts in a telling kick into their 22. We chase up and force them into touch. Win our lineout and drive infield from forwards set up a ruck , from this Peter Strain breaks away to gallop in the last 15 metres to score. Davie Stewart converts. 14 - 5( 38 mins ) H/T

Boys were all motivated at halftime and were positive to come out all guns firing in 2nd half but sadly this didnt materialise. It was Dunfermline that had the fire in their bellies and came out fighting. They started with some good rugby and built the phases which lead to an outside break for them to score under the posts. 14 - 12 (43 mins)

We then have a few breaks of our own and one sees Alan Lynch tackled into touch on 22 , after some nice back play. We take ball from their throw and good pressure and running lines sets up a ruck. The ball comes out to stand off Davie Stewart who puts in a speculative kick over the defence but it was too short and their forcefull winger catches it and goes all the way to our goal line breaking numerous tackles which were too high to stop him. From a scrum we give away a penalty and they put on the presure with attacks and eventually score. 14 - 19 (50 mins)

The next score went to Dunfermline in similar fashion , they moved ball wide to winger and he went through too many weak tackles and scored. 14 - 26 (55mins)

At this point we lost composure in decision making & got the referee on our backs by back chat. We did manage to salvage this and got to their goal line after some good play. Niall McKenzie managed to sneak over at a scrum to score. Davie Stewart converted. 21- 26 (60 mins)

At this point the game was still winnable for us and we should have upped the pressure to get the win. Unfortuneately this was not to be and we effectively capitulated after this , we lost the plot and lack of fitness , game awareness , thus left big wholes in our defence. Dunfermline seeing this eagerly accepted and upped the anti. They set ball up from direct running and from a resulting scrum near our posts had an easy score. 21- 31

We get into their 22 , a dubiious decision stops our attack ,from scrum our No 9 box kicks ball and ref decides our No 8 is offside even though hasn't moved. They move ball from penalty , lose it but regain possession to score. 21 - 38

We then effectively run out of steam and composure , an incident during this period sums this up and shows difference when heads are down. Dunfermline had a ruck on their 22 and 2nd row broke and targetted our stand off , Davie Stewart. He had at least 5 inches in height and 5 stone advantage on opposite man but Davie tries to rip ball from this man mountains grasp. The Dalziel coaches then checked the Paddy Power website to find that the odds for Elvis working in a Motherwell chippy were more favourable than Davie getting the ball. Davie who in 1st half had played his best game in a 2ndXV jersey (with good game management , tackling , kicking , composure). The 2nd row burst through and was tacled later but good offloading and interplay by Dunfermline who were now exploiting the space given to them score. 21 - 45

At the death Dunfernmline scored again to make a final score of 21 - 52.

Positives must be given to team in first 60 mins , going ahead , a good first half and then fighting back with some excellent forward drives and back play but questions must be asked as how we can then capitulate and be on end of a hiding. Team lose plot & most players making bad decisions in attack and defence and lack of fitness. Thanks to 3rd team veterans Davie Jamieson , Stuart Caulfield , Russell Cramond for pitching in.

We need better preparation and fitness to fix this problem , both of which can only be got from training , to put us in with a fight over the full game.

This was a young team with lots of potential.
I urge players to get to training and learn from Club Coach who is putting a lot of effort into attempting to take us onwards and upwards, so we need to help him by having both 1stXV and 2ndXV players at training. Its our Club guys so be proud and show up.

From this week fines will be more strictly imposed as we have a good bus trip in spring to the borders and we need some cash for after game festivities

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Scott Murphy, Stephen Baird, Stuart Caulfield, Ian Adams, David Fitzpatrick, Stuart McLelland, Dean Mowat, Peter Strain, Russell Cramond, David Stewart, Steven Smith, Alan Lynch, Matthew Muir, Steven Rowe, Chris Howieson
Subs: David Jamieson, Fraser McGlashan, Niall McKenzie, Drew Darcy

Tries: Stuart Caulfield, Peter Strain, Niall McKenzie
Conversions: David Stewart (3)

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